Armenian Early Printed Books 1851-1900
Author: Патканов, К. П.
Title: Несколько словъ о названiяхъ древнихъ армянскихъ месяцевъ
Publisher (standardized): Тип. Имп. Акад. наук
Publisher (as it is on book): Типографiя Императорской Академiи Наукъ
Place (standardized): Санкт-Петербург
Place (as it is on book): СанктПетербургъ
Year of Publication: 1871
Շարվ. 23x14 սմ։
43 էջ։
File size: 6,75 MB
Holdings: Armenia, Yerevan, National Library of Armenia
The United Kingdom, Oxford, Bodleian Libraries University of Oxford
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